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Lavender and Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillow

Lavender and Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillows


Lavender and Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillow: Featuring Vintage Wilendure


These dogwoods are utterly romantic. I love this print so much–and the fabric is ridiculously soft. Perfect for sweet dreams or traveling to your favorite destination.  Backed in the most charming pink Oakshott cotton, this soothing travel pillow is a feast for all of your senses. 

This gorgeous travel pillow is filled with Mireio’s signature blend of buckwheat hulls and fragrant lavender from Provence. Find this and other Travel Pretty Pillows in my store. 


Cashmere Travel Pillows

cashmere travel pillows anthropologie

New and perfect for the holidays, Cashmere Travel Pillows

So, I was hanging out on Anthropologie online this weekend… and my jaw nearly dropped when I saw this: A Cashmere Travel Pillow.  For $198.  

Sure, you get an eye mask with the deal, and it has a designer name but $198? I’m pretty sure I can find lots of ways to spend the $150 I’d save buying a cashmere travel pillow from Mireio.

And here’s the thing about Mireio’s travel pillows: they’re filled buckwheat hulls (and lavender if you want it!) not feathers: which are a big allergy risk. And because Mireio’s travel pillow has a cotton side, it’s perfect for traveling to ALL climates. Sure a cashmere pillow will keep you comfy if you’re flying off for a ski vacation — but if you’re traveling to warmer climates this holiday, you’ll appreciate the coolness of cotton when you arrive at your destination.

Looking for a smaller luxury? Mireio’s eye pillows also make lovely travel companions. Each one is unique, not mass produced: so if you’re giving a Mireio eye pillow as a gift, then you’re giving something truly special. Filled with organic flax seed and luxurious lavender from Provence, Mireio’s eye pillow is weighted to provide relief for your weary eyes.


So… what will you do with your $150 savings? 


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Sneak Peek

Just a few of the items available 12 August 2009 — Sneak Peek of Mireio’s new line!