Waterfall: Hand Dyed Vintage Full Slip (L)

vintage full slip


Waterfall: Hand Dyed Vintage Full Slip (L)

New slips! Yay! “Waterfall” is a stunning vintage full slip that has been hand dyed in a lovely sea blue ombre. It’s absolutely amazing and the photos hardly do it justice. The lace reminds me of how water froths at the bottom of waterfall–it’s so delicate. 

This vintage full slip is a size Medium-Large: 

Armpit to Armpit: 17″ (with lots of stretch)
Upper Waist (beneath bustline): 17″
Armpit to hem line: 31″
Adjustable straps

One of a kind and perfect for your next romantic getaway! 

Click here for more, one of a kind hand dyed vintage slips

Where I’m Confounded by Sunlight

Isn’t this coral peony pretty… and I predict destined for my yard. You know, if I ever get the back-yard dug out properly. 


IZ, bless his hard-working soul, decided to take a break from work on Friday and head into Portland for a little impromptu anniversary celebration. Along the way, we stopped at “Mind Your Ps and Qs” Peony farm in Rainier to take in the farm in its full glory. Everything was blooming and the day was perfect. Warm and sunny and completely confounding. I don’t think one photo I took that day turned out. It’s all an over-exposed mess. 

But I’m going to put up these photos just the same, because the farm is really priceless. And it was such a lovely gesture from IZ, to take me to a flower garden… I loved just being there! I have lots of (questionable) photos, so I’m going to tuck them under the fold. Venture forth! 

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Road Trip: Oysterville, Washington

Looking across Willapa Bay


We piled into the car on Saturday . . . just to get out. One of our favorite destinations is Oysterville, Washington.  I love it most in the Spring, when the cherry trees are blooming. If you’ve never been, it’s worth the 50 minute drive up the peninsula. There is something so peaceful about Oysterville. There isn’t much left of what was once the center of Pacific County’s life—but what remains is enchanting. Make sure you stop at  Surfer Sands in Long Beach and grab some amazing sandwiches for the journey. And don’t forget to bring your camera. 


Like snow in the spring. . .


A self snap with IZ. . .


Probably my favorite capture of the day. The Moon in the window is hand drawn on a paper fan .

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New Buckwheat Hull Pillows: Spring Fever

New Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillows arriving at Mireio today! 


Do you have the fever yet? I certainly do. I’m ready to grab my super comfy Mireio travel pillow and board a plane to someplace warm. And balmy. That serves drinks with tiny colorful umbrellas. 

If you’re traveling this Spring, or any time really, these new collection of pillows is perfect. Featuring an array of bright and cheery fabrics for every style. But these prints are limited and will only be reproduced a few times—so if you see a traveling companion in the mix shop early! (I’m not kidding here! The pillow on the bottom. … green graphic with cherry flowers on it. . . is a one off! )