Valentine’s Day

My Kingdom For a Red Dress

Anthropologie is taunting me. Again. 

This falls underneath the “Darn it, I can’t wear silk and can’t justify $200 for a dress right now” column. But, in my imaginary closet of impossibility: this dress is the reigning monarch.  (And that wall is pretty impressive too.)

Be My Valentine

Won’t you be my Valentine. Take 15% off all orders today at Mireio with coupon code: BeMine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cupcake Votives

I wasn’t kidding when I said those nonpareils are inspiring. Just look at what’s new at Mireio! Gorgeous Cupcake Votives topped with yummy nonpareil candy. They’re not edible, of course, but the candies create a yummy caramel scent when burning. They’re a big hit at my house. Jack keeps saying, “They smell just like cupcakes!” They really do!

As always, made from eco-friendly soy wax and boxed in Mireio’s signature packaging. Order yours today!

Nonpareils Make Me Swoon

Sugar wonderland! I’m utterly inspired by these gorgeous tablescapes by Annick Van Wesemael. All those tiny sugar nonpareils make me swoon. (It’s like glitter, only better… right?)

What makes you swoon?

Found via Becoming Lola (go peek, her blog is lovely, lovely!)

Vintage Slips Now Available

Vintage Slips have arrived at Mireio. Hand-dyed, one of a kind, featuring handmade millinery blooms. Treat yourself to some Romance today!