vintage slips

Vintage Slips in the Window


In pretty winter light.

I’ve been working on hand dyeing 3 vintage slips this week. I’m getting close to listing them, I’m just down to writing up the actual listing on etsy.  So consider this your sneak peek of what’s coming. 

I love this photograph of them lined up in the window. I don’t typically use the “art” shots in my listings, since people need to see the product and we’re limited on photos. But I’m always tempted to. It’s a personal opinion thing, but I much prefer photos of items in settings: I’ll admit I buy into the story being told. 

Because who doesn’t love a good story? It can sometimes be difficult to tell one in a product shot AND really show the product. So, I usually opt for the photos that give you the best look at my wares. But… oh… the wispy, romantic, airy photos sing to me. Someday, I’ll produce a catalog, y’all. Until then… I guess I’ll just keep telling stories on the blog. 


Embracing Autumn


A big pile of color! I could almost “jump” into it! 


Mireio is embracing Autumn! Summer’s pastels are giving way to deep, earthy tones. I’m exited to be listing new hand dyed vintage slips inspired by the colors and fragrances of Autumn: luscious blackberries, earthy tea, crisp apples, and falling leaves.  Stay tuned: they’ll be in store on Monday! (if not sooner.) 

Until then, have you thought about your holiday shopping yet? Autumn is a great time to pick up a Travel Pretty Buckwheat Hull Pillow. One for you for all your holiday travels. And one for a friend! With or without lavender! 


New Vintage Slips at Mireio

New Vintage Lingerie is finally here. I’m listing half of the slips today (with the remainder later in the week.) Shop early as these are one of a kind and limited!

New Vintage Slips

New Vintage Slips arriving at Mireio all week. Each is one of a kind, hand dyed, and accented with a stunning floral pin. Here’s a sneak peek. . .

Lingerie Bag

Magic Carpet Ride Lingerie Bag: One of a Kind Exclusively at Mireio



Lingerie Bags as Art!

I’ve been busy in the studio… and here’s why! I’ve been creating, one of a kind Lingerie bags from vintage textiles and notions. Each on is unique, just like you. And they’re perfect for protecting your hand-dyed vintage slips while traveling. Or, use as a “just in case” bag —because you never know when you’re going to swept off for a romantic night out!

This is the first! I hope to have more soon…these are individual works of art and as such I’m working on them one at a time.

Have an idea or a “vibe” you’d like to see in a bag? Let me know!