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Why I Love: Dancing Mooney


Really, what’s NOT to love? Gorgeous Amethyst Glass Necklace by Dancing Mooney. 


If you haven’t discovered Dancing Mooney, then you’re in for a treat! Janell’s store is so lovely, full of wonderful gift ideas: you’ll want to make sure you shop early for the holidays! Run by a fabulous Oregonian, Janell, Dancing Mooney is one of those stores that provides a wonderful shopping experience. Which is saying something when you’re shopping online! Everything from the photography to the packaging is so well thought out — you get that Anthropologie feeling without leaving your house. It’s just lovely to linger. And, who doesn’t love shopping in their P.J.s? 

There just are not enough superlatives . . . and Janell (who is a fabu twitter friend and generous supporter of all things handmade!) really is a terrific shop owner. If you’re looking for amazing gifts and a wonderful shopping experience: this is your place, friends. I adore everything Janell does!

And that’s why I love Dancing Mooney. (I think YOU will too!) Take a peek. She makes bath goods, jewelry, and so much more!


And… this is pure love here, friends. Just love.

Why I Love: Awkward

Button Up Scarf in Silver Grey Merino by Awkward

Two words: natural fibers. I’m such a fan of luxurious textiles and natural fibers—it’s a bit of an obsession!  But when you pair that with amazing detail and exquisite workmanship you have something utterly divine. You have Awkward! Lovely hand-crafted accessories that are beautifully constructed from luxurious natural fibers like silk and merino and alpaca, Oh my! It’s a feast for all your senses. Feminine yet completely modern—accessories you can both wear and cherish! It’s why I love Awkward!

Why I Love: A Peace of Cake

Obsession from A Peace of Cake

Need a little inspiration? Need a BIG inspiration? Yeah, I do too! And when I’m in need of something to inspire me, I head over to A Peace of Cake to find a muse. This bright and cheery store is the work of the amazing Kerri Jones (also of Ten Things, another Mireio favorite!). And I find her work the perfect antidote to the perma gray I face out here on the Oregon Coast. I have two of Kerri’s photographs and they always seem to make my world feel more colorful. And that’s why I love A Peace of Cake. (and who doesn’t love a witty store name too!)

You know what else I love? A Sale. Head over to A Peace of Cake and find a little inspiration of your own. And then pick another, because Kerri is holding a BOGO sale! Buy one and get one free!

Spontaneous Generosity

I’m inspired by Spontaneous Generosity! What inspires you?

Recently, while drooling over someone’s link to very yummy yarn I tweeted, “Ok, somebody needs to buy that and make me scarf already.” I don’t knit or crochet, but I admire those who do—and all that gorgeous fiber they get to use in their creations. It’s all so utterly gorgeous.

I had NO idea at the time, that my little joke would actually inspire a bit of Spontaneous Generosity embodied by the lovely, lovely Rachel Ballard. Having seen my tweet (boy am I going to be more careful about what I say!) she set to work on making me this amazing skinny scarf in the most luxurious fiber: bamboo. And while it’s so wonderful and lovely (there’s a photo of me wearing it below the fold),  what inspires me most is her act of generosity. We are “Twitter friends” but have not known each other all that long, and it’s such a risk to make something in those circumstances. She completely nailed it—both in color and intent!

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Why I Love: Horticopia

Fresh Meyer Lemons from Horticopia

As some of you may know, I’m a Californian living in what I like to call “the edge of the world.” In reality, it’s the north coast of Oregon—a windy, grey, blustery, and more-often-than-not raining kind of place. It’s beautiful, in that wind-swept kind of way. But, I miss my sunny roots and the horticulture that defines Cali. Palm trees and lemons, jasmine and bougainvillea, and lots and lots of gorgeous succulents to boot! I mean, come one, what’s not to love about Agave?

So, enter Horticopia. A fabulous store that offers a little taste of all those things I’m missing. I recently ordered some Meyer Lemons and was completely transported south! They arrived quickly, fresh from the field, completely organic, and ready to be devoured! A tiny taste treat for my sun starved senses: a taste of HOME. And that’s why I love Horticopia!

Make sure you check out her other listings. Horticopia sells a large selection of wonderful plants just perfect for your indoor garden or terrarium.