Our little  farmhouse in Astoria, Oregon. Also known as Chez Wonder. That’s just fancy talk for “we get ourselves into quite a bit of trouble.”


Hi! Since you clicked on the About page, I should probably tell you something about this blog. . . and the cast of characters who inhabit it. 


This is Jack. . . though he goes by IZ on this blog. Don’t let that confuse you. It’s a long and weird story and we don’t remember all the particulars as to why he’s called IZ. . . he just is. 

IZ is that guy who keeps us all laughing, quietly from the corner. So that the rest of the party wonders, “What’s going on over there?” He’s witty and smart and an amazing chef. And if he calls you a friend, well, it’s probably for life and you should count yourself very, very lucky. I know I do!


This is our son, Geo who is 15. He doesn’t show up much on the blog these days. . . did I mention he’s 15? But this kid keeps us busy. He’s chosen to homeschool until college despite our moratorium on all things incendiary.  Anyhow, much to our chagrin, he’s talking college and driver’s license; both of which scare me senseless. But I have faith. He’s thoughtful and kind and charming in his own nerdy way—just like his dad.


This is me. . . with IZ, because you’ll see enough of my mug on this blog! 


I’m Wende Larsen, the writer. For 10 years I blogged my life on my personal blog, Evidently and blogged about my artistic adventures here. But this Spring, it just felt like it was time to bring my two passions together in one place! Consequently, this blog is full of all the things I love. My family, my home, our town—plus all the things we’re up to. We love to cook and garden and create. This area is so lovely, we try to take in as much of it as possible; so you’ll see our road trips on this blog as well. Sometimes, I even blog about my little store and what I’m busy making there. Life is truly beautiful and this is our spot on the internet to share it. I hope you will join in the conversation.  

You can also find me at:

Mireio — Come take a peek and find something you love. (I’m no longer open… but maybe someday! )

Facebook — Become a fan of Mireio on Facebook (where I share all the good stuff about what’s in store)

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DISCLOSURE: Mireio (the blog) is my place to talk about what I do. And  while I like promoting the daffodils out of my own store, I adore featuring other artists who make me smile. However, all features, promotions, and giveaways are done so simply because I can—not because I was paid. If I’m featuring an artist in any way, it’s because I think they are fabulous. Rare exceptions to this policy are noted on individual posts with a disclosure at the bottom. 

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